Ujjivan Small Finance Bank FD Rates

Ujjivan Bank- It all started with an aim, an aim to value the true potential of real India. The people that strive day in and day out to run one of the largest agrarian economies in the world are residents of villages and districts where financial stability is still at an arm’s length.

We decided to change that by believing in their belief.

In 2015, Ujjivan Financial Services set out on a mission to utilize the full potential of the financially unserved population by aiding their development to procure a brighter future.

Ujjivan received the final license from the Reserve Bank of India on 11th November 2016, which allowed us to set up Small Finance Bank business in India with an experienced team of members ranging from ex-CEO’s of leading nationalized banks and advisors to various financial organizations in the country. We believe in trusting the abilities, ambitions & dreams of our customers and strived to work for their development, one step at a time.

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Ujjivan Small Finance Bank FD Rates

Below mentioned are the Interest Rates with Effect from 26th November, 2018
TENUREInterest Rate (pa)
(Under Rs. 1 Crore)
7 Days to 29 Days5.50%
30 Days to 89 Days6.25%
90 Days to 179 Days6.75%
180 Days to 364 Days7.50%
1 Year to 2 Years8.30%
2 Years and 1 Day to 734 Days7.50%
735 Days8.25%
736 Days to 798 Days7.50%
799 Days8.60%
800 Days to 3 Years7.50%
3 Years and 1 Day to 5 Years7.00%
5 Years and 1 Day to 10 Years6.50%
Additional Interest Rate for Senior Citizens0.50%

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