Bank of Baroda Fixed Deposit Rates

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bank of baroda fd rates

Interest Rates on Term Deposits & NRO Deposits of BoB

Bank of Baroda Fixed Deposit Rates

Bank of Baroda, one of India’s leading public-sector banks, has an impressive range of fixed deposit products on offer. Their FD schemes feature short, medium and long-term tenors at attractive interest rates. However, these rates are subject to change according to market conditions and banks liquidity requirements. Monitoring these changes can be difficult especially in the case of multiple holdings. The table below is constantly updated to reflect real-time FD interest rates in order to allow users to compare maturities based on the latest applicable rates.


Bank Name
Bank of Baroda
Best Interest Rate for 6 Months < 1 Year6.70%
Best Interest Rate for 1 Year < 2 Years6.85%
Best Interest Rate for 2 Years < 3 Years6.70%
Best Interest Rate for 3 Years < 4 Years6.70%
Best Interest Rate for 4 Years < 5 Years6.70%
Best Interest Rate for 5 Years and Above6.70%

Digital products/Apps by Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda M Connect

Bank of Baroda offers “Baroda M-Connect”- the mobile banking facility that will help you do banking transactions using your mobile phone.
* Secure way of transacting banking business
* No restriction on number of transactions. Cumulative maximum in a day is Rs.50000/-
* View the account balance, mini statement
* Funds transfer to accounts with Bank of Baroda & to other bank accounts through (IMPS & NEFT)
* Mobile recharge can be done.

Bank of Baroda M-Connect

Baroda mPassbook is a mobile application on mobile device which shows all the account related details of the customer available to him through his account passbook on mobile phone app in a Smartphone. The main feature of Baroda mPassbook is that the customer is provided with the account passbook on his mobile handset. Whenever application is opened it synchronises and updates all the latest transactions of all accounts of the customer