Allahabad Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

Allahabad bank FD Rates

allahabad bank fd rates

Key Benefits of Fixed Deposits in Allahabad Bank

  • Interest on deposits with Allahabad Bank is compounded annually.
  • Allahabad Bank accepts deposits starting at Rs.1000 for various tenures.
  • For senior citizens Allahabad Bank offers higher interest rate over and above rates mentioned above
  • Allahabad Bank Fixed Deposit.
  • Premature Withdrawal-You may break you FD and withdraw your money subject to minimum stipulated requirements.
  • Allahabad Bank offers loan against its own deposit.
  • Applicable rate of interest on loan against FD is typically 0.5% to 2% over the fixed deposit rate.
  • You can claim Tax exemption in Allahabad bank by submitting 15G/15H.
  • Recurring Deposit Rates are same as FD Rates in Allahabad Bank
  • In Allahabad Bank you can take quarterly or monthly payouts from your Fixed Deposits.
  • Open a Fixed Deposit Account easily through a number of channels like Internet Banking or simply by visiting you nearest Allahabad Bank branch.

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Bank Name
Allahabad Bank
Best Interest Rate for 6 Months < 1 Year6.50%
Best Interest Rate for 1 Year < 2 Years6.75%
Best Interest Rate for 2 Years < 3 Years6.60%
Best Interest Rate for 3 Years < 4 Years6.50%
Best Interest Rate for 4 Years < 5 Years6.50%
Best Interest Rate for 5 Years and Above6.50%


Digital products or Apps by Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank offers ‘’mPay’’ solution the next generation mobile banking service with an aim to be the Bank in the customers pocket with a whole new and exciting range of services and features. Besides the application, SMS Banking and USSD channels are supported.
Main Features:
* User friendly interface with touch screen UI support
* Balance Inquiry (With combined Available Balance)
* Mini Statement (Last 7 transactions with available balance)
* Intrabank Funds Transfer (Mobile to Mobile, Mobile to Account)
* Offline Service Requests


Allbank Online Selfie Account is a handy app by Allahabad Bank that allows its anyone to open Savings Bank Accounts in real-time. This app takes 4-5 minutes to just get basic details from non-Allahabad Bank customers and provides them with instant Savings Bank Account Number.

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