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We provide you the latest fixed deposit rates, base rates, saving bank rates and much more investment options.

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With us you will be able to make informed decisions for your investments. We will always provide you the latest rate of banks and their comparison.

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Interest Rates in India

Our Mission is to provide each and every detail about interest rates of each bank so that you can get a complete picture of the market. We are giving you individual bank FD rates as well as comparison of them. To go a little further we are giving you interest on savings account rates and tax saver fixed deposit rates.

Tax Saver FD Rates

Find the best rate offered by banks on Tax Saver FD. Remember your fund will be locked for three years. Get a full comparison of all banks interest rates.

Base Rate of Banks

Proceeding for loan? First compare base rate or loan rate of all banks. It is the minimum rate below which banks cannot offer you a loan,

Savings Account Rates

For the money kept idle for day to day needs. Banks offer differential rates in savings account too. Check here for highest interest rate on Savings account.

Compare Bank FD Rates

Find and Compare Best FD Rates of all Indian banks from 6 months to 2 Years. You can also sort various rates according to bank name or according to ascending or descending order of rates.